From Closed Doors to an Open Concept Office: How We Constructed The Gigawatt Home

In the beginning stages of our company, we didn’t quite have a space to call our own. For months, our small team worked out of several individual offices spread out through a shared office with our partners at Clean Cuts & Cerebral Lounge.

We shouted across the office to communicate; we called each other when we were out of shouting distance. Every meeting – even a brief catch-up – was a formal assembly in the company boardroom.

After several months of functioning in this division, we garnered the means to rent a cozy office area adjacent to our partners’ space. Next door to CCCL’s reception area were two unused recording booths that, if merged by deconstructing their dividing wall, would create a space large enough to fit our core team.

With help from our wonderful CCCL friends and a few contractors, we planned and implemented the remodel, turning empty booths into an open concept office fit for a boutique agency.

We began with destroying the dividing wall and stripping the paint, flooring and ceiling tiles.






Then, we constructed a new wall to divide our open workspace with a small lounge/meeting room and resealed the walls and ceiling.





Add in our signature teal….




And new floors and furniture….





And peace & love…




And two months later, we had –well, have — our own Giga-home.





We’re still foraging for decorative pieces to develop that homey, Gigawatt-y ambience, but it’s getting there. The bigger challenge to date has been adjusting to the openness. With our extroverted, collaboration-minded team, we’re now inclined to have roundtable discussions about every topic, from client projects to what’s for lunch today — but luckily this has increased our productivity. We’re thrilled with our space and are elated our days of shouting across the office to communicate are over.

And we love to have guests! Interested in visiting our studios? Contact us at info[at]