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Case Study | Booz Allen Hamilton


Booz Allen Hamilton desired to introduce the firm’s growing cyber security practice into the Washington, DC Federal Government and Defense Intelligence markets, in a way that would surely not go unnoticed. This task required the development of a signature brand identity and messaging strategy which could successfully compete in the convoluted landscape, while still resonating with the culture, voice and client experience that Booz Allen Hamilton is widely known for. Based on a custom research program, we determined that in order to establish connective brand positioning in the target buyer’s mind, we needed to craft a modern brand that promised both sophisticated thought leadership and budget-conscious innovation. We determined that target buyers were seeking to invest in a partner that was accessible, like a close, trusted friend; community-centric, applying the skills and expertise of a diverse workforce; and daring, willing and able to take on cyber defense and security most important missions and toughest problems.

graphic design sample
graphic design sample


Our approach was to build off the living legacy of Booz Allen Hamilton’s greatest and most powerful minds—an elite suite of talent which consistently delivers exceptional value that clients could not buy anywhere else. Our brand strategy framework celebrated the trailblazing problem solving of the firm’s past, and how its people have always worked together to stand strong at the forefront of integrated threat activity, improving and enlightening lives not just at the enterprise level, but on a global stage.

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A single service statement paved the way for a unified purpose that every practitioner of the cyber division would feel inspired to be a part of and motivated to work toward: Booz Allen Cyber protects the everyday things on which all people rely. Armed with this clear cross-company objective, the firm activated the brand experience by promising clients they will always build new value, not just new things, and by employing talent who care about what they do—because what they do matters. With a new brand vision, to “preserve security where others would take it away,” Booz Allen Cyber was launched into the market with the communications tools they needed to portray their people’s matchless stamina and courage, and attract the right clients for their business goals.