Case Study

Elizabeth Seton High School

Admissions Collateral + Photography + Art Direction

Case Study | Elizabeth Seton High School


Elizabeth Seton High School is a returning client, having previously produced an admissions video for the Maryland-based all-girls Catholic School with our internal partners at Cerebral Lounge.  Seton came to Gigawatt Group looking for new admissions collateral for the upcoming 2022-2023 year, and wanted a partner that could bring something unique to their approach. This opportunity included redesigning their main viewbook, inserts specific to certain departments, stationary, checklists and more. Seton maintains an excellent reputation for academics, students, faculty and a beautiful campus, and wanted their new brochures to highlight these strengths to allow the school to stand out in the DMV area. 

admissions checklist for seton highschool design

We pitched initial design ideas that included a style that focused on the students through beautiful photography, notebook doodles, custom illustrations and elements that felt like they were plucked from the inside of a student’s locker like notebook paper, polaroids and ribbon. This winning concept also included custom photoshoots spanning three days capturing both the students hard at work, and the stunning campus and facilities available to all students. The goal was to combine photography of both current students and empty facilities to allow prospective students to visualize themselves at Seton. Additional tabletop photos were taken of Seton-specific props like graduation tassels and Croc buttons that later added a personalized 3D component to the print. The illustrative style evoked classroom doodles, some of which became printed stickers that students could add to their planners and laptops.

The viewbook was created so that inserts that would pertain directly to individual student interests could be added. This setup allowed for multiple Seton heroes to be selected for different covers. Each cover model was selected from the student body to represent each department. Covers were unified stylistically through illustration and typography expressing the ins and outs of Seton student life.   

printed viewbok for Seton highschool


The unified design across each publication allowed Elizabeth Seton High School to project a cohesive brand across their admissions collateral, while staying true to their school identity—giving them flexibility that can continue to grow. A brand arsenal of photography will allow Seton to update their website and showcase their strengths on social media. Illustrations have potential to become social media GIFs in the future. 

The 2022-2023 Seton Admissions Collateral captured the spirit of Seton and the wonderful students that attend. The style set Seton apart from other schools in the area but more importantly showcased the facilities and faculty that help the Seton young women achieve their dreams.


printed viewbok for Seton highschool
printed viewbok for Seton highschool