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Case Study | Federation of American Scientists


We were tasked by the Foundation of American Scientists (FAS) to update the look as well as the structure of their existing website. FAS also had challenges with the authoring of content as well as security concerns due to the nature of the topics they were covering.  FAS needed better structure of the issues they were publishing as well as overall better navigation of the vast amount of information they had made available to the public.

monitor view of FAS website
fas site on phone and laptop


Our solution for this refresh was a full restructuring of the site’s information architecture, and of the three design options presented, the client chose a clean and simple aesthetic that made it easier for the users of the site to digest the more complicated information that was being presented.


The current website for the Foundation of American Scientists is now better organized with a fresh look that makes it easy to find and read the information a user is looking for. The site has overall better security and the authoring experience for the FAS staff has improved drastically.