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Howard Bank

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Case Study | Howard Bank


Howard Bank was the perfect opportunity for Gigawatt — a brief that allowed us to utilize the breadth of our strategic and creative talent, combined with a client at a turning point in their brand’s lifecycle. Howard Bank was merging with First Mariner, and wanted a way to bring these two organizations together into a cohesive brand culture, and share that legacy with their customers.

social media campaign for howard bank
howard bank web design mockup


We were brought in at the ground level, beginning with a comprehensive, six-week discovery phase. This allowed us to craft a brand architecture that resonated with both internal and external audiences. Starting with an internal brand booklet that was distributed to all Howard Bank employees, we developed a rollout campaign which used Howard Bank’s own customers to tell their brand story — renewing their commitment to building lasting legacies, for the businesses, their families and the communities they serve.  We then developed strategy and creative that ran across multiple platforms, including multiple TV, social media and print ads, which drove customers to a custom WordPress landing page that helped us track the effectiveness of the campaign.

printed ad for howard bank
printed ad for howard bank


In less than a year, this campaign increased Howard Bank’s Aided Awareness among their target market from 29% to 45%. We delivered over 1MM impressions per  $10k of digital media budget, and our work was awarded as Best New Brand Identity of the Year by the Baltimore Chapter of the American Marketing Awards.

Working with Gigawatt has been a breath of fresh air. We worked with them on the daunting task of bringing two very different cultures together to support, build and live and breathe one cohesive brand story. From their inside-out approach, they were able to develop a beautiful brand story that we rolled out both internally to our colleagues and externally to our customers. I can’t say enough about the award-winning end results. The feedback that we’ve gotten has been amazing and we couldn’t have done it without our partners and friends at Gigawatt.

Erica Starr

SVP Marketing, Howard Bank