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Case Study | L2 Defense


One of the risks of exponential growth for many SMEs is maintaining the same passion, purpose, and values that were the catalyst for the company’s ascension in the first place. 

As one of the fastest-growing companies in Baltimore, L2 identified the need to develop a brand architecture that ensured the core values of the company remained front of mind for employees as they expanded, as well as attract new talent to join the company.

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Gigawatt kicked off the engagement with a meeting of the key stakeholders.

In this meeting, we request documentation to review in order to better understand the foundation. These documents include creative briefs, business plans, slide decks, and any other supporting documentation that would help explain and convey your business objectives.

Immediately following the document handoff, we began scheduling individual stakeholder interviews. In the stakeholder interviews, we asked questions and summarized them in a document for L2 to share and discuss internally. After receiving feedback, we began to align L2’s brand identity with the company’s core strengths.

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Gigawatt designed several brand assets and delivered a brand guideline document to help inform the creative design process of their existing logo and the research document produced from the brand exploration phase. We also assisted in various design elements that sprinkled the brand throughout their newly developed office space. Last, we attended and captured footage of the new office location’s grand opening ceremony. 

L2 Defense poster
L2 Defense poster
L2 Defense poster