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Case Study | McDonalds


McDonalds was the perfect opportunity In order to establish new perspective on one of America’s most well known brands, we were tasked to support the McDonald’s Corporation’s North American corporate initiative, amplifying the positive changes the company is undergoing “to build a better McDonald’s”.


We worked closely with the internal Corporate Social Responsibility team to creatively share news about the company’s new fresh ingredients. Through a series of themed content, we ensured the ever-evolving McDonald’s food quality narrative reached the public market through a continuous, ‘always-on’ stream of content across social media and digital PR channels.


National Egg Day inspired a series of videos about the world famous Egg McMuffin. Our ideation and strategy sessions resulted in the sourcing of a skilled hibachi chef, filming in the middle of the night at a local McDonald’s in Washington, D.C. National Egg Day creative continued with a Facebook video featuring the son of the original inventor of the Egg McMuffin. We focused this video on the process of making the famous breakfast sandwich, a process in which many restaurant goers have never seen! This video was posted to a network of 64,900,534 global fans and shared 139 times immediately following distribution.