Case Study


Social Media Campaign

National Geographic’s 10th Anniversary SharkFest demanded a deep dive into the wild and wondrous world of sharks!  The 2022 edition featured its most immersive and massive programming experience to date—featuring 30 hours of original programming and an additional 60+ hours of enhanced content across National Geographic Channel, Nat Geo Wild, and Disney+.

Gigawatt Group was proud to partner with our sister boutique, Cerebral Lounge, to help create over 55 deliverables spanning seven creative executions.


Meet Sandy, our “Sharkfluencer.”  Highlighting International Shark Day, Sandy was part of a social media takeover that Gigawatt Group conceived and executed for Nat Geo Wild’s Twitter and Instagram feeds.  Across 14 scheduled posts, our FIN-sta persona, Sandy, shared some fun facts about her fellow sharks, as well as highlighting live SharkFest programming throughout the day.


Pretty much every Zodiac sign is a water sign when you’re a shark!  Gigawatt developed fun “horoscopes” for each Zodiac sign, highlighting human traits which can also apply to the various types of sharks. Graphics for each of the 12 Zodiac signs were illustrated by Cerebral Lounge’s talented designers.


We also developed a fun, custom Augmented Reality (AR) filter for Instagram that allowed users to discover which shark matched their own personality!

Through a simple left or right head tilt, shark fans answered a series of questions that served to surface personality traits.  We then built a logic tree that determined which shark best matched the user’s answers.  Users then could share their results on social media.