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Case Study | Quantified Ventures


The social impact bond space is tough to get your head around. It’s a highly specialized, relatively new and conceptually complex way of securing funding for social good. Target audiences—investors, NGOs and similar organizations—required education to learn how social impact bonds might play a role to positively change the lifecycle of their business model. We were challenged with studying the competitive market to discover what messaging resonated with target audiences, and from this, craft a sophisticated but relatable identity for the company.

truck with branded equipment for playground safety


Working from the inside out, we first defined the organization’s values by asking the question: “What does Quantified Ventures stand for?” Answer: Embracing joy. Celebrating courage. Being true. Prioritizing efficacy. These values created a platform that could be grown internally through operational strategies and externally through delivery of the client experience. From there, we developed a powerful messaging narrative and visual identity, including a new logo.

monitor view of quantified research
tablet view of quantified ventures site


The complete brand architecture established a foundation and provided guidelines for approaching every piece of creative and every communication. This gave the client the ammunition they needed to enter the market as a confident, unified front.