Case Study


Product Marketing + Digital Strategy

Redwood + Co. is a retail company known for making quality fine fragrances for the home and body. Their products are 100% hand-crafted in small batches, blending pure, sustainable and natural ingredients. Some of their products include their famous best-selling candles, incense, hand sanitizers, as well as hand and body washes and lotions. The company has grown from a small local shop in Staunton, Virginia to being a sought after brand nationwide.

Digital Strategy
Social Commerce



The main goal was to optimize Redwood + Co.’s campaign strategy through awareness, consideration and conversion. With awareness being at the top of the funnel, our purpose was to introduce Redwood’s brand to a new audience by increasing social engagement and brand visibility.

Through the consideration of this new audience, our aim was to retarget those individuals to support a purchase. Finally, we focused on conversion by optimizing the ad campaign to generate sales.


With social commerce being the future of online shopping, our approach was to focus on a data-driven eCommerce experience by highlighting opportunities to optimize the brand’s campaign strategy leading up to and continuing through the holiday season.

We set out to identity its key audience and better understand how the brand’s audience engages across various key web properties using our attribution framework, FourCore. Some of our suggestions included:

  • Using the Instagram Live shopping feature, which allows the brand to sell products during an Instagram Live broadcast. As part of this shopping experience, it was also advised to create Q&A sessions, product exploration and collaborations.
  • Static Retargeting through Instagram Carousels and promoting further product exploration.
  • Selling on location by creating more vertical video brand play for social platforms as a way to present the brand’s products and personality. The purpose is to build brand awareness, drive conversions and ultimately increase cross-channel follower count.
  • Building a Redwood + Co. YouTube Channel to collect audience data for future campaign initiatives, as well as leveraging the brand’s email list by including YouTube video links.


Redwood + Co. launched their YouTube Channel and shared vertical video content known as YouTube Shorts.

After opening its flagship retail store named Base Camp, we helped the brand launch their Welcome to Base Camp social media campaign by developing a plan to lead with vertical video. The video shared below highlights a tour of their HQ, while showcasing their newly displayed seasonal items, as well as behind-the-scenes of order shipping and fulfillment. This helped the brand resonate with their target audience through the art of storytelling across multiple social platforms.

Using our social media e-commerce strategy, we helped run Redwood + Co.’s ads as well as drive conversions both online and in-store. This resulted in their “Sweater Weather” and “Starry Night” candles selling out.

In addition, Redwood + Co. also experienced an increase of (+69.3%) Instagram followers and (+129.2%) Instagram profile visits during the campaign’s 2021 Holiday Flight


Co-Founder and CEO, Redwood + Co.

In addition to increasing our online engagement, the campaigns helped to drive customers to our newly opened brick and mortar location. After closing our first brick and mortar location in September 2019, Redwood + Co. decided to launch a completely new in person experience through Redwood + Co. Base Camp.

Advertising with Gigawatt not only helped our online strategy but jump started our in person traffic with many of the customers mentioning the ads when engaging with team members. In addition, we truly felt many in person customers were coming from far and wide specifically to buy from Redwood + Co. and making a weekend of their trip here in the Shenandoah Valley. Through online marketing efforts, Redwood + Co. has become a destination.