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Airlines for America

Social Media + Content Marketing + Video Production



Airlines for America (A4A) advocates on behalf of its members to promote the U.S. airline industry. Our challenge was to develop long-term strategy, original content and targeted, paid delivery across A4A’s social media channels, as part of a social media and content marketing campaign with the goal of increasing engagement and positive sentiment for the industry.

Gigawatt Group executed a social media marketing campaign for Airlines for America.
Gigawatt group worked with multiple airlines as part of the social media marketing campaign for A4A.
Part of our social media campaign highlighted the importance of airlines to business travel.
Gigawatt Group produced a robust content campaign for Airlines 4 America.


Our approach was to first establish a clear tone and voice to ensure consistency across all communication, achieved through discovery sessions and workshops with A4A leadership. From this we were able to craft robust brand guidelines and a cohesive social media strategy. This strategy centered around three campaigns, each focusing on a specific target audience — frequent flyers, destination travelers, and people who may be thinking of getting a job in the airline industry.

We filmed original content featuring storytelling interviews with frequent flyers about how air travel allows them to do their job. We also worked closely with JetBlue and Southwest to shoot at DCA and BWI airports to take a rare look behind the scenes, speaking to flight and ground crew about their experience in the industry.

This was supplemented by daily social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram with regular features crafted by our in-house content team of designers, animators and creative strategists.


We took a good social media channel and made it fly even higher. On Facebook, we delivered a YOY increase of 120% in reach, 50% in impressions and 62% in post engagement. On Twitter, we saw an increase of 110% in likes, 55% in retweets and 106% increase in replies.

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