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Burney Wealth Management

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burney wealth management

Burney Wealth Management came to us as a relatively new brand within a long-established parent company. They were looking for an agency to define and understand their targets and how to best communicate with them, then craft a visual branding and brand messaging approach with tactics to best reach and resonate with those poised and ready targets. Our experience and capabilities proved a perfect fit.

Gigawatt Group helped Burney Wealth management launch its new brand
Gigawatt provided a full brand design package, including business cards.
Gigawatt Group created printed brochures as part of our brand design efforts for Burney Wealth.
Gigawatt Group designed a new website for Burney Wealth Management as part of their visual branding project.


The ultimate goal of our proposed brand strategy was to pinpoint a powerful singular value proposition that introduced Burney Wealth Management to the market as a professional, well-respected entity capable of handling sophisticated, unique clients. We began by identifying the attributes that collectively differentiated Burney in the market: independence from industry convention and original thinking, sophisticated in-house expertise, a true sense of trust and security and the promise of acting as truly invested partners.


The strengthened brand offered Burney Wealth Management the tools they needed to heighten reputation, increase visibility and elevate brand reach and understanding amongst target audiences and armed them with a fresh and vibrant visual identity, website and printed collateral to support their reinvigorated brand design.

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