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Issue One

Strategy + Creative + Social Media


Issue One came to us as a recently-formed nonprofit reform group whose mission it is to unite the two parties to solve dysfunction in Washington. They had just launched an initiative called Fix Politics Now and needed us to spearhead a targeted social media marketing campaign to reach influencers within key battleground districts to put pressure on candidates ahead of the 2018 mid-term elections.

We ran hundreds of social media posts in multiple markets as part of this campaign


We began by researching the six target districts, identifying key players in these areas and then using this information to build audience personas to establish what issues resonate strongly with people. We then proceeded to build a comprehensive suite of content featuring some of the 200 former elected senators and House representatives that vocally support our core messages. This content was primarily made up of footage we shot and edited at a launch event at Founder’s Hall in Pennsylvania.


We successfully targeted specific audiences on social media within each district, using A/B testing throughout the campaign to confirm and refine which messages worked and what topics people cared most passionately about. Our proprietary FOURCORE strategy led the campaign to execute 916 digital ads utilizing 25 videos. In addition, we were able to drop the campaign CPM by $9.23.

This social media marketing campaign delivered against multiple KPIs.

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