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Meals on Wheels America

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Meals on Wheels America is the national nonprofit organization that supports hundreds of partner entities across the country, bringing more than a meal to 2.4 million seniors every year.  They asked Gigawatt Group to help them launch a new, year-long content marketing strategy around their new campaign, “The Power of a Knock.”

Leveraging our internal video, audio, and music resources at Cerebral Lounge, Clean Cuts, and Noise Distillery, we created a full year’s worth of content which generated awareness—and more importantly, donations—across the social media channels of Meals on Wheels America and its various partner organizations. 


Chef Justin from Meals on Wheels of Takoma Park/Silver Spring prepares tomorrow’s meals.

Our team was welcomed into Charlene’s Baltimore home to discuss how much her Meals on Wheels volunteer means to her.

Director Owen Lang checks the framing of the next shot during our interview at Meals on Wheels Central Maryland.

Dan’s visits provide Charlene with more than a meal—it lets her know that people out there still care.


Gigawatt Group is entering our third year partnering with Meals on Wheels America on The Power of a Knock. Our original strategy involved three phases with different creative content for each quarter of 2022— each focused on a unique theme: education, personal stories, and community. Led by Creative Director Jim McNulty and Cerebral Lounge’s Director/Senior Editor Owen Lang, we worked with Meals on Wheels America to identify stakeholders and customers at local chapters who could help us highlight both the need and the good work being done to address it.  

In 2023, we extended our storytelling to additional clients and volunteers across the country.  Compelling interview shoots in Maryland, Michigan, Georgia and Ohio allowed us to demonstrate just how much that knock on the door means to homebound seniors, and how much they need continued support.


Fundraising is an important part of any nonprofit’s marketing efforts. For Meals on Wheels America, their organization’s fundraising efforts culminate every year in a holiday giving campaign.  Noise Distillery’s creative director Rich Isaac and composer Austin Caughlin rerecorded Pete Townsend’s classic “Let My Love Open the Door” to update the beautiful “Mrs. King” animation Meals on Wheels America had produced the year before, enabling them to extend the use of that content once their previous music license expired.

What our Clients Say About Us

“I love these! They tell the exact story we were hoping for and in a heartwarming way. Great work.”
Senior Director of Digital Communications, Meals on Wheels America

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