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Quantified Ventures

Brand Messaging + Visual Branding

The social impact bond space can be hard to grasp. It’s a highly specialized, relatively new, and conceptually complex way of securing funding for social good. Our target audience (investors, NGOs, and similar organization) needed education to understand how social impact bonds could positively transform their business models. Our challenge was to study the competitive market to uncover what messaging resonated with these audiences and craft a sophisticated yet relatable logo design and visual identity for the company.

Gigawatt Group designed the new logo for Quantified Ventures
The new logo and color palette were designed by Gigawatt Group for Quantified Ventures.


We took an inside-out approach, starting by defining the organization’s values and answering the question, “What does Quantified Ventures stand for?” We embraced joy, celebrated courage, stayed true, and prioritized efficacy. These values formed a platform that could be nurtured both internally through operational strategies and externally through client experiences. From there, we developed a compelling messaging narrative and visual identity, including a new logo.



The new logo design and complete brand architecture established a solid foundation and provided guidelines for every piece of creative work and communication. This gave the client the tools they needed to enter the market confidently as a unified front.

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